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Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation services offered in Upper West Side, New York and Rockville Centre, NY

Chiropractic care often involves spinal manipulation to address pain and dysfunction around your body. Andrew Dube, DC, and the chiropractic care experts at Apollo Chiropractic PC in Manhattan, New York City, and Rockville Centre, New York, offer spinal manipulation for new and existing patients. Call now, or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dube for spinal manipulation services.

Spinal Manipulation Q & A

What is spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is a core technique of chiropractic care. This type of treatment involves Dr. Dube using his hands or specialized devices to apply controlled pressure to a specific part of your spine for a short duration of time.

Spinal manipulation involves a thrusting motion that shifts your spinal joint further than it would move on its own. Dr. Dube may use chiropractic care tools like a flexion-distraction table or intersegmental traction table for your spinal manipulation treatment.

Spinal manipulation can target any joint in your spine, from your lower back (lumbar spine) to your neck (cervical spine).

What are the benefits of spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation can improve both your pain levels and your overall physical function. When you’re free from pain and dysfunction, you’re better able to move, rest, work, play, and get on with your daily life.

Spinal manipulation is noninvasive, offering you a nonsurgical path to improve a range of spine-related pain problems. Dr. Dube may recommend multiple or repeated treatments to give you the best pain-relief results.

Why might you need spinal manipulation?

Dr. Dube uses spinal manipulation to help with a variety of musculoskeletal issues, including:

  • Whiplash and auto crash injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain

Spinal manipulation can also help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.

What should you look for in a spinal manipulation provider?

Spinal manipulation is typically performed by chiropractors and may also be used by osteopathic practitioners. At Apollo Chiropractic PC, Dr. Dube and his team have extensive experience with spinal manipulation.

When you’re looking for a spinal manipulation expert, you can rely on Dr. Dube and his professional team. They provide superior spine-related pain management and functionality care.

You may also need support with workers’ compensation paperwork or with finding other providers and specialists to help with your care needs. That’s the type of support you can find at Apollo Chiropractic PC.

To learn more about how spinal manipulation can benefit you, contact Apollo Chiropractic PC online or over the phone today, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Dube and his team.