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Posture Correction

Posture Correction services offered in Upper West Side, New York and Rockville Centre, NY

Poor posture leaves you vulnerable to pain, spinal issues, and dysfunction. Professional posture correction can help and is offered at Apollo Chiropractic PC in both the Manhattan, New York City, and Rockville Centre, New York, offices. Experienced chiropractor Andrew Dube, DC, has the highest level of expertise in posture correction services, addressing alignment issues in your body before they become painful or lead to loss of comfortable motion. Contact Apollo Chiropractic PC online or over the phone to learn more.

Posture Correction Q & A

What is good posture?

Good posture means standing upright with the back of your neck, your upper back between your shoulder blades, and your lower back at your tailbone aligned in a straight vertical line. If you’re slumping, slouching, or leaning to one side, you’re not using good posture.

Your posture makes a difference in how you feel, even if you may not be aware of it. You can use good or bad posture when sitting, standing, bending, and even when lying down.

Why does good posture matter?

You might have memories of being nagged about having good posture and standing up straight when you were growing up. While you might not think that good posture matters much, your parents and teachers were right. Standing up straight really does make a difference.

When your body is correctly aligned, you have a much better chance of having smooth biomechanical function. That means you can use your full range of physical motion without pain or discomfort.

Poor posture notably correlates with chronic back and neck pain, spinal wear-and-tear, and issues like spinal disc herniation.

How can poor posture be corrected?

Dr. Dube and the team at Apollo Chiropractic PC evaluate, diagnose, and help treat poor posture. When you partner with Dr. Dube, you benefit from patient-centered care that takes your unique needs into careful consideration.

Chiropractic care techniques like manual manipulation can help undo the damage from years of poor posture. Dr. Dube also specializes in patient education, improving posture for a more pain-free and physically functioning future.

Why do you need posture correction?

Though you may not think about your posture regularly, once you know what changes you need to make, you can adjust to new habits that can benefit your body. You have the ability to take control of your posture by consciously deciding to keep your spine straight and in good alignment, maintaining a well-balanced body that feels and moves well.

For the support you need to identify exactly what’s going wrong in your posture and mechanics, as well as the expert advice and treatment you need to resolve the problem and improve your posture going forward, contact Dr. Dube and the team at Apollo Chiropractic PC today.

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